Texas Humane Heroes Low Cost Clinic Services

Texas Humane Heroes offers low-cost Spay & Neuter and low-cost Vaccinations for pet owners at the Leander Adoption Center. These services exist to help make pet ownership more affordable. Additionally, through offering micro-chipping services, Texas Humane Heroes helps to improve pet retention and assist owners with increasing the chances of a safe retrieval of a lost or missing pet by having them micro-chipped.

*Clinic services are only offered at the TXHH Leander Adoption Center. Dogs and Cats must be younger than seven years old and under 100 lbs.

Spay & Neuter Procedures
Low Cost Pricing


  • Spay, Female – $65
  • Neuter, Male  – $60


  • Spay, Female – $50
  • Neuter, Male  – $40

*additional fees may apply
($15 if female is in heat, $15-$35 if pregnant or pyometra, $20 per male undescended testical)

Vaccinations Available

Micro-chippinig Services

Heartworm Test & Preventative

Flea & Tick Preventative

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Vaccination Clinic
  Low-cost vaccinations available for your dog or cat

Leander Adoption Center

  • 9am to 11am, 4th Saturday of every month*
  • *Nov/Dec are combined and held on the 1st Saturday of December 9am to 11am

Micro-chipping Available

Heartworm Test & Preventative

Flea & Tick Preventative